Higher Education

Higher education is a necessity for many career paths, with specific qualifications being a requirement for many professions. For those people who do not have a specific career in mind, gaining a degree or other qualification is still very useful when applying for job vacancies as it's a factor that employers use to distinguish between candidates. Traditionally, higher-education is something that followed on directly from school or college, but these days more and more mature students are returning to higher education to help progress their chosen career or to add value to their CV in a difficult jobs market.


Higher Education and Your Future

There are many ways in which a higher education qualification can help with your chosen career path. Historically, there's a clear trend that people with a higher education qualification earn more money on average over their lifetimes than those...

Mature Students

Being a mature student can be more fulfilling than going to a university or college straight out of school. A little perspective, some life experience, and a different set of pressures mean that you could get a lot more out of the experience tha...

Learning for Work

The job market is a highly competitive place. Shrinking economies, global competition, computers and mechanisation all mean that there's an ever-increasing pressure on people to be more skilled. This applies as much to those who're already emplo...

Returning to Learning

The modern career path expects you to be be dynamic, adaptable, and constantly learning. In the past, the standard approach to working was to find a job, work diligently and show your commitment to the company, and slowly rise up the corporate r...